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SIP Return Calculator

A calculator to help you in calculating the value of the amount invested monthly over a number of years.

Monthly Investment
Investment Period In Years
Expected Returns (% annualised)
This is the value of your Investment (In Rs.)
Total Investment Done (in Rs.)
Times Amount gets Rolled Over

SIP Need Calculator

A calculator to help you in assessing the monthly SIP amount to accomplish your target for future financial obligation.

Amount I want
In number of years
If any Annual % increase in investible amount is expected during these years.
(Take a nominal % and enter 0 if no increase is expected)

Expected Returns
(could be based on the past performance of the scheme in which you are investing)
Your SIP amount per month will be

Note: Here we assume investments to be done at the beginning of every month and compounding is done on an annualised basis.
Disclosure:The mutual fund investments are dependent upon market performance. The NAV of the scheme may go up or down depending on the performance of the markets.